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Monday, June 12, 2006

Gaelic Games are Under Way in Philly

If you don't know what Gaelic football and hurling are all about, our photo essay ought to give you a pretty good idea.

Both are pretty wild, fast-moving games (unlike U.S. football, which is about 90 percent beer ads, butt scratching and officials waving their arms and throwing their hankies down, apparently in a fit of pique).

Hurling in particular can be exceptionally hairy. My partner Denise, who shot the photos, was standing along the sidelines as the football game came to an end and the hurlers started to take the field. She noticed that all of the women and children started to move back -- way back -- from the field. She asked why, and she was told, essentially, you could get seriously beaned.

Anyway, both are full-contact games played by guys who are passionately committed to throwing themselves into things body and soul. The souls probably hold up OK. The bodies? Ummmmmmm, a whole 'nuther question.

Check it out:


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