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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Our First Experiment With Video

My friend Denise, who shot the video, says it looks like we shot it through a shower curtain. We ain't thrilled. However, it was our first dip in the video webcast pond, and I think we learned a lot.

The video is of fiddler-flutist Peadar O'Loughlin and uilleann piper Ronan Browne, in concert last Thursday night at the Irish Center in Philadelphia. Happily, I think the package in its entirety is pretty good. There's a story which I think gives you a pretty good sense of what those two are like together -- pretty funny and astonishly talented. There's also a nice photo essay with not as many pictures as I would have wanted, but I was trying not to be intrusive. And there's a pretty nice sound file.

Actually, this package has contributed to our biggest day yet, visitor-wise, and the ol' site stats package is predicting another big day. When we looked at the stats, we realized that two uilleann pipe sites were linking to us ... and all without anyone from Irish Philadelphia World Headquarters tipping them off. They just found it, somehow. So that gave me the bright idea to alert some other piper sites. And yes, I'm a slut for pageviews, but I also think those sites are genuinely interested. So I don't feel like I've crossed the line into complete prostitution.

Anyhow, check it out, and we're very open to advice on how to make our videos better. Rank amateurs, I assure you. I've already gotten some great tips from the folks on the Chiff and Fipple Uilleann Pipes Board, for which I'm very grateful.