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Friday, April 21, 2006

Now Live: The Seamus Egan Interview

This is a big week for us. Just moments ago, we published an interview with Seamus Egan of Solas. Solas appears this Saturday in Sellersville, but the big news is the imminent release of a live Solas reunion CD/DVD. About which, more in a second.

Cheers, Denise and Jeff

Solas at 10: The Seamus Egan Interview
To celebrate the big anniversary, the band recorded a live performance on CD and DVD. And the performance includes not just the current line-up, but all past Solas members, including Karan Casey. The CD/DVD is scheduled for release nationwide on th 25th. In anticipation of the release, we hooked up with Seamus Egan for his behind-the-scenes views on the concert, all those wonderful years of Solas, and his memories of Philadelphia-area sessions. (And check back. We'll have much more to say about the recording, which we have in our hot little hands.)

The band is playing Saturday in Sellersville. Get the details.

Also This Weekend:

Updated: The Lazy Person's Guide to Genealogy Get free advice on how to get started researching and recording your Irish ancestry on Saturday, April 29, at the Bucks County Visitor Center.

Cletus McBride's Homage to The "Ould Ones" You can't be of Irish heritage in Philadelphia and not have heard of Cletus McBride. He's been playing in the region, both as a solo act and as part of Cletus McBride & Co., since 1980. His song, "Corktown," honors the memory of those who are responsible for our being here. We have the interview ... and you can listen to the tune.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Some Really Cool Content Coming Later This Week

We already have a nice question and answer with Joanie Madden. She and Mary Coogan appear on Saturday in Coatesville as part of the Coatesville Traditional Irish Music Series.

But another great band is appearing in the area on Saturday: Solas. They play Saturday night in Sellersville at Sellersville Theatre 1894. Solas also has a major release within the next few days. Watch the site for some cool info on that score sometime over the next few days.

We also want to alert you to something completely non-musical, but if you have any claim to Irishness and you live in the Philadelphia area, this is also an important part of your heritage. On Sunday, we mark the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising at Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon. We expect to have some really interesting content on that subject by Monday. You won't want to miss it. A lot of you will find it surprising.